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Preventative Physical ExaminationsPreventative Physical Examinations:

Physical examination is by far the most essential diagnostic tool we use. No other test can replace a complete physical exam. At Falcon Pass Animal Hospital we strongly and wholeheartedly believe in importance of a complete and thorough physical examination for your pet. Our doctors evaluate your pet form the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. The information gathered during excellent physical examination is invaluable and allows us to identify and correct problems even before they start causing discomfort to your pet. Many health issues, like osteoarthritis, ear infection, skin lumps and bumps, are often not evident, and the best diagnostic tool we have – physical examination – is invaluable in detecting those issues. We believe thorough physical evaluation leads to improved health and well-being of your pet and you, and leads to increased longevity and comfort of your pet.

Cats and Dogs of different ages have different needs, and we have different recommendations for different age groups. Fast developing and growing kittens and puppies are evaluated every 4 weeks between the age of 8 and 16 weeks. For mature younger cats and dogs we recommend evaluations every 12 months. It is important to evaluate pets over the age of 7 every 6 months, since health changes occur more frequently in older individuals.


Various vaccines are available at our hospital to protect your pet from diseases. We consider prevention of the disease to be of utmost importance. Amongst the huge pool of vaccine products we choose vaccine products based on solid research that is behind production of those vaccines, and select the most effective vaccines that cause the least amount of side-effects. The vaccination protocol will be tailored to your pet’s lifestyle using AAHA canine vaccination guidelines and AAFP feline vaccination guidelines.

Parasite PreventionParasite Prevention:

Dogs and cats tend to harbor parasites: intestinal worms, fleas, tick, heartworms. Parasites undermine your pet’s health, and may pose risks to humans also. Our annual heartworm and intestinal parasite screening will ensure we know the parasite status of your pet. Monthly parasite prevention is a great tool in keeping your pets free of parasites. Parasite prevention program at Falcon Pass Animal hospital closely follows the CAPC guidelines. We develop programs for the specific needs of your pet and your own particular environmental situation. We will review with you the best ways to control fleas in your house, in your yard and on your pet.

Annual Internal Organ Function ScreeningAnnual Internal Organ Function Screening: 

At Falcon Pass Animal Hospital we consider early disease detection to be of critical importance. Detecting the disease process early allows us to intervene, slow down, or even reverse negative changes in your pet’s health. Comprehensive internal organ function screening is performed at the state-of-the art reference laboratory, it includes both blood testing and urinalysis, test results are reported to you within 24-48 hours after sample collection.